Upcoming Events

The big event the staff has planned for us this summer is a 6-day, 4-night trip to Washington, D.C. We will board a Motorcoach in the early morning hours of Tuesday 25 June and travel to Washington, D.C, arriving late that eveningl We will stay at a hotel and be provided with all meals or meal coupons for when we are out and about touring many of the sites that played a significant role in the founding of our great Nation. We will visit the famed Marine Barracks on 8th & I streets, SE on Wednesday morning for a tour and a chance to meet the silent drill team and color guard. Then on Friday night we have special seating to see them and other units perform at the famous evening parade. We'll also visit all the war memorials, the halls of Congress, the Smithsonian Institute, and the Pentagon Memorial. We will watch the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns and actually get to lay a wreath at the tombs. Thursday morning, we will watch a full honors funeral for a Marine hero who was a mentor and personal friend of our Unit Commander's. This trip will be educational and fun - a chance of a lifetime trip for many of us. Wow, we can barely wait! However, to pull something like this off required funds, so we have been in a full court press since the staff announced this plan last fall. We have been standing in front of stores with cans in the freezing cold all winter trying to raise enough to make this dream a reality. And we did it!!

Semper Fi, The Kids