We Do Fun Things Too.

In August 2017, we spent two days and three nights at Camp Henry Horner in Ingleside, IL We stayed in a Lodge with showers and all. The chow in the Mess Hall was absolutely scrumptious and filling. We swam in the lake, kayaked, and canoed, climbed a rock wall, rappelled, and even ran the zip line. We also participated in some fun team building exercises that tested our team cohesiveness. We learned archery and even took turns practicing what we had learned—we discovered some of us would have made a poor Robin Hood. Each night we had smores around a fire pit and told stories. The big hit was the Gaga arena which we used when there was some free time. All in all, it was grand time and everyone can't wait to back again this summer.
Sides were picked, weapons charged, and the war was on! It was tough trying to survive the beeps and flashes. We spent several hours battling each other at Laser Tag. The outcome was somewhat confusing; we each claimed to be the victors, and actually it really didn't matter because we all had so much fun. We keep asking "when can we go back"?
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27 July Drill
We had a great drill on Saturday, 21 July, at our normal drill site, Izzak Walton Home. Many awards were presented to derserving Young Marines, including three awards from the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump! Then we drilled our new Color Guard. They had chose to be called our "Vertically Challenged" Color Guard, but now they want to be called the "Dwarf Color Guard. So be it, that's their new name. They will march in the McHenry Festival Days parade tomorrow, their first time in front of the public.

Then we had a swim call. or maybe just a "wade" call. They complained the stream was cold, well, it's a stream guys! However, that did not stop PFC's Fidanzia and Koczka from going all the way under - top left photo. Then we decided to do some community service by cleaning the stream and banks of much trash. Hey, that's what Young Marines do while having fun. The UC gave us an hour of community service for cleaning the stream. Overall, a fun drill!
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