Community Service

The Young Marine program strongly encourages community service within their local neighborhoods. In fact, we are required to do fifty hours per calendar year, and if we meet that goal, we get a Community Service Ribbon, and a Bronze Star in the ribbon for each successive fifty. It can be to churches, schools, private organizations, veteran’s homes, animal shelters, nursing homes, etc. Periodically the unit staff schedules projects for the entire unit, but the fifty hours is really up to us. Here we are doing some spring cleaning at the Elgin Moose. In return they allow us to use their hall for special events likie our annual birthday ball.
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Below is a montage of various photos showing the type of community service events we did in 2018

From left to right. We attended the Wounded Warrior Games held in Chicago in 2018. Of course, we cheered for our Wounded Marines.; we helped sell programs at the annual Chicago Air & Water Show along Lake Michigan; we provided the Color Guard at the Women's Fast Pitch championship game - that was a blast and our UC said we did very good in front of that large crowd; and we provided demonstrations on CPR for a Registered Nurse who was giving the Class during festivities in South Elgin.
From left to right. Memorial Day Celebrations in Cary, IL; the Marine Corps League who was responsible for the firing party did not have enough members show up, so two of our older Young Marines stepped up and with a few minutes of instructions pulled it off. We annually support a Veterans Day Luncheon in Elburn, IL by serving the meal then joining the Vets for lunch and conversation. We always get to hear lots of "War Stories."